Wilderness Project - 2

Part 2 - Iteration and Feedback

While the majority of the project may have felt disjointed due to the lack of a clear vision, the creation of a brand logo stood out as an exception. The instructions provided us with a clear understanding that this particular piece would serve as a representation of our brand's identity. We were tasked with developing 200 sketches centered around a specific object of our choosing, ensuring that it captured the essence and values of our brand.

With this directive in mind, I approached the logo design process with a newfound sense of focus and purpose. Recognizing the significance of the logo as a visual symbol that would embody our brand, I invested considerable time and effort into generating a wide range of sketches. Each sketch aimed to encapsulate the essence of our brand and communicate its unique characteristics.

Moreover, I sought feedback from my professor, classmates, and potentially even professionals in the field, to ensure that the logo design effectively captured the desired brand image. Their input and perspectives provided invaluable insights and helped me shape a logo that was not only visually appealing but also aligned seamlessly with our brand's identity.

Despite the initial challenges and lack of vision in other aspects of the project, the creation of the brand logo provided a moment of clarity and focus. By following the given instructions and investing significant effort into the sketching process, I was able to produce a logo that embodied the core essence of our brand

Looking back at the project, I can see the mistakes I made as a student designer and recognize how they would serve as valuable learning experiences in the industry. However, despite those mistakes, I still find appreciation for the process and believe that with enough iteration and feedback, we can create amazing designs.

One of the key lessons I've learned is the importance of embracing a growth mindset and seeing mistakes as opportunities for improvement. In the ever-evolving field of design, errors are inevitable, but they can also be catalysts for growth. By analyzing and understanding the reasons behind those mistakes, I can adapt, learn, and refine my skills as a designer.

The concept of iteration stands out as another crucial lesson. Design is rarely a linear path from start to finish. It involves constant exploration, refinement, and feedback. Reflecting on the project, I realize that embracing this iterative approach would have greatly benefited the outcome. Through repeated cycles of refining and iterating on my designs, taking into account valuable feedback from others, I could have achieved higher levels of creativity and innovation that would have surpassed my initial expectations.

Furthermore, I've come to appreciate the value of external perspectives. Seeking feedback from peers, mentors, and industry professionals is invaluable. Their insights and alternative viewpoints can elevate the quality of designs and lead to unexpected breakthroughs. Collaborative brainstorming sessions and critiques create an environment where collective creativity thrives.

Ultimately, while the project may not have met my initial vision, I acknowledge its value as a transformative experience. It taught me the importance of iteration, the power of feedback, and the potential for creating something truly remarkable through persistent effort and collaboration.

In the end, this project served another purpose beyond its initial intention. The designs I created for the project turned out to make fantastic stickers that I decided to print out and share with my friends.

While the project may not have unfolded as I had originally anticipated, I discovered a unique way to repurpose my designs and bring them to life in a tangible form. The stickers became a tangible representation of the effort and creativity I had invested in the project.

Sharing these stickers with my friends not only allowed me to showcase my design skills but also sparked conversations and connections. It was gratifying to see others appreciate and enjoy the designs that had emerged from the project, even if they were not executed exactly as planned.

This unexpected outcome serves as a reminder that even when things don't go according to plan, there can still be value and joy in the final result. The stickers became a tangible memento of the project, a way to celebrate the creative journey I had undertaken and shared with others.