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Steven Jenkins is a Senior User Experience Designer located in the greater Seattle, WA area working on the AT&T App team.

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My Work Philosophy

I strive to deliver designs that just make sense!

I have a relentless drive within me that simply wants to creating experiences that serve and delight people. Not to overwhelm, confuse, or use them. Users are people too!

I'm excited for you to explore my work and see how that drives my decisions.

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Site Merchandiser - Purple

I am so glad I got to work with Steven at Purple. He showed initiative, integrated seamlessly with the team, and delivered great work. He was an incredible asset to our team and I wish we could have kept him forever. If you are looking for a Digital Product Designer for a contract role that will dive in and start delivering right away, this is your guy!

Principle Product Manager - Microsoft

I had the great pleasure of working with Steven during his 1.5 years at Microsoft. Steven was a key designer for our work with the Microsoft Audience Network, where he provided concept designs, facilitated user research (customer interviews, crowdsourced judging research, etc.) and general design support (UX design and visual design) across a wide variety of surfaces, including Edge, Microsoft Start, Bing, etc. It was wonderful to see Steven grow as a designer and human-centered design practitioner, and our team owes much to the great work he provided while he was with us. I genuinely hope our paths will cross again some day. Thank you, Steven, for everything!

UX Designer - Microsoft

Steven and I were design colleagues working in the web advertising space at Microsoft for his 18 month contract period. We worked closely together, striving to achieve a great user experience for the consumers of Microsoft Ads, predominantly on the Edge browser, as well as other web-based Microsoft products and beyond. Steven is a competent designer. He is a powerhouse of productivity, great at executing on-demand. No matter how many high-priority requests popped up for our team, he quickly and nimbly tackled each one. He is proficient in running user testing and the subsequent analysis, and then making appropriate modifications to our designs. He understands the user's point of view, needs, and desires. His designs are neat and clean, his files are easy to navigate (and his Figma knowledge is vast), and he knows how to set up our design content for easy consumption by stakeholders. That last bit, let's be honest, is half the battle for any designer! On top of all that, Steven is a pleasant virtual-workplace companion. He's always happy to jump on a call with me to help explain or explore a topic, jam on some designs together, or show off his adorable puppy. I'll miss Steven on my team and hope that our paths cross again one day!

Product Designer - Purple

I had the privilege of working with Steven at Purple and absolutely loved every minute we spent collaborating with one another. Steven has an incredible work ethic and willingness to tackle any project no matter how last minute the request may be. He's not afraid to ask questions, dive deeper, and truly get to the root of whatever problem we are trying to solve. In my time working with Steven at Purple, he demonstrated the ability to take requirements all the way to exploratory phases, wire framing, user testing, to deployment with quality and confidence. Steven's an asset to any team not just from a content deliverable standpoint, but also from simply being an amazing work companion. I look forward to seeing where Steven takes his career - any team should feel beyond lucky to have him!

Agile Delivery Manager - Purple

Steven was great to work with he was diligent and accountable with every ticket he took on. His work was excellent and it showed in the attention he put into the little things like file names and structures as well as the larger design products. Steven will be an asset to any team lucky enough to have him and I wish we'd been able to keep him.


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Heybrook Lookout - Sticker Design

The Person Behind the Designer

I think it's important to separate who you are from what you do sometimes in order to keep your passions alive. Yes, I'm a designer that has worked on a variety of teams and on some cool projects but get to know me and you'll find that I'm an avid hiker, I love coffee, and I have a Golden Retriever named Mia that is just the sweetest puppy in the world. (Yes I'm biased).

I grew up in Washington, deeply immersed in the enchanting beauty of the Pacific Northwest. From an early age, my love for the outdoors and passion for exploring nature exploded. The forests, majestic mountains, and pristine coastlines became my playground, instilling in me a profound appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.

Steven Jenkins Designer

This upbringing fostered a sense of adventure and a deep connection to the nature around me, which continues to inspire and influence my life and work.