T-Mobile - Tech Experience

🤙 Overview

During my time at T-Mobile, I worked on many of the experiential products within the Tech Experience Centers. My primary focus was 5G&Me, a new Experience Center on the main T-Mobile campus focused on events & tours for employees and high-level external executives.

The variety of projects included but was not limited to:
- 5G Imaginative Demos
- Room Control Interfaces
- Interior and Graphic Design
- Photo & Video Production

👥 The Team

I was a part of the core Tech Experience Design & Innovation Team which consisted of a Team Manager, a User Experience Designer(myself), a Photographer/Videographer, and a Sound Designer.

Our team then partnered and directed a collaboration of 5 external studios to create the space and experiences.

Experience Center

From start to finish, the majority of my time was spent working on launching a new multi-sensory experience center showcasing the ways 5G can transform daily life.

I partnered with ENVOY’s designers and programmers to build the UX/UI experiences while SPARKS did the installation and fabrication. Together we made sure that each of the demos and the entire space was intuitive and guided the users through the respective 5G uses cases.

The center won the ABPM World Class Briefing Award in 2021. It continues to inspire and wow people every day.

Check out Envoy's great showcase video:

⌨️ Cisco - Room Control interface

Part of making sure 5G&me was a cohesive experience was creating a custom room control system with Cisco. We needed an interface that would not only allow executives to dial into a video call and use the screens to display presentations but also to control the shades, lights, sound, etc.

🦾 Robot Arm Demo

One of my favorite demos was one called 5G Robotics. The concept was to showcase the speed and latency of the network for a manufacturing use cases.

It sent commands over the network for the arm to move a colored cube from one side of the table to the other using a tablet or gestures.

It was quite a foot for the software engineers to put to gather but the final product turned out beautifully.

🖥️ Website redesign

Last but not least, as one of my last projects at Tech Experience I redesigned the website to better serve the centers needs and direct users where they need to go.

Instead of hearing me talk about it, how about you check it out for your self!

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