Kefi App

interest focused. active communities. Tech Start-up. local groups. hobbies and goals.

Meet new people, explore new places, and do new things from the comfort of your phone with Kefi. The app makes it easy to connect with friends and meet new people through activities. Choose from a variety of groups and activities happening near you, that you are interested in doing, and Kefi will show you all the people and places you can meet up with.

Scope of Project

Brand Strategy
Identity system design
Mobile app design
Digital marketing assets

This was a supervised passion project. The goal was to create a


Market & user research:

As with most projects I started by researching the industry and the target market to find what they would really want out of an event-based social app. I created a study plan and launched a few surveys to gather data and any other insights. In my broader research, I found that roughly 46% of adults in the U.S. feel lonely and left out, as of 2019.

User study:

While 87% of respondents found making friends was important to them, only 12% said they used social apps to meet new people. I found through my research that I was looking at a primary age rand of 18 to 27.


Visual Vision:

The visual direction needs to reflect the people-focused mission of the app. It needs to be inviting and fun. Showcase the good times to come.


Through many explorations, I found the simple solution of a wordmark with a retro gradient for the logo. It is easy to identify and presents itself as friendly, warm, and fun.

User Flow:

Creating the user flow from the start helped to improve the intuitiveness of the app and eliminate any feature redundancies.

Having a visual flow also helped to identify where the user might be missing a sense of completion.


I created the wireframes in a greyscale format. White is the least important and black as the most important. The darker shade could also be an action the user could take. This ensured that actions were clear when users were navigating the app.

Home Feed

The app opens up to a feed/home page where the user can view activities their friends have made. They can also easily access public activities, create their own, or message friends.

Creating Activities

The navigation makes every feature of the app easily accessible to the user. Users can easily create an activity with a intuitive step by step set up.


The calendar feature provides a way for users to keep track of their activities.


The profile page is simple and only contains the name, city, list of interests, list of friends, and a way to contact them.