Alias - Connection app

Alias is a small start-up located in the Seattle area of Washington state. Their focus is to reduce the number of business cards and social links a person needs to carry with them. They developed and launched an app to that allows users to save business cards and all the links to their social accounts they want to share with their contacts.

I was brought onto the team to redesign the flow of the app and to give the UI a refresh to compete with their competitors. As a part of the refresh, I also refreshed their website.

Scope of Project

Mobile app design
Data analytics
Web design
Brand guides

This was a supervised passion project. The goal was to create a


User research:

The research showed me the users spend most of their time editing their accounts. This gave me a good indication that this was where the users were having the most confusion.


After taking key code words from user interviews, I worked with stakeholders to organized them into key features and goals users have when using the app.

User Flow:

With the gathered data I created a user flow that would be more intuitive for users to understand. I was also able to eliminate redundant screens and streamline the user experience.

Design System:

Once the framework for the app was complete it was time for the UI and the design system that would keep the UI throughout the app consistent.


Using the user flow, along with the information layout for each screen I began to iterate on the UI for each screen.

Implantation: Part I

The app update when out in a series of updates to make it easier on their existing user base to adapt to the new design. The first step was to update the brand colors within the app along with the sign-up flow and share/scanning page.

After rolling out the first update we were able to pull a survey from the user base to understand how they felt about the changes and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

Implantation: Part II

The next series of updates to make was to the navigation. Stakeholders were split between the two styles of navigation proposed, so they opted to have both designs, one to make the transition easier for users now and the other to implement at a later point.

Lastly was the change to the contact cards and account pages.

Implantation: Part III